Yard Sale

May 14, 2010

Fay Hart is everything a modern poet should be – adventurous, vivid, funny, surprising, readable. Her poems delight even when they cry. Like slides under a microscope they dazzle with their close-ups of a strange and familiar world. Yard Sale will prove a revelation to all lovers of non-abstract, non-academic, non-boring, highly original poetry. An instant classic.” – Hugo Williams

“Fay Hart is the woman in the famous X song, “Los Angeles”. And yes, she did leave. She went to London, Spain, Florida and Mexico. She left with pen and paper and dreams. This is a long-awaited volume of poetry. Travel with Fay Hart through her stories of strange men and yard sales, boulevards and highways in these deftly crafted evocative poems.” – Exene Cervenka

“Fay is the William Eggleston of poetry.” – K.K. Barrett

Yard Sale,
by Fay Hart Donation: $15.00

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